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Student Takes Senior Project to Community

Claire Guthrie Wood River High School senior Claire Guthrie is taking her senior project to the community with her certified therapy dog Grace. Guthrie writes, “My dog Grace and I have recently been certified to work as a therapy dog team. Grace and I were under the guidance of Alliance of Therapy dogs, and my mentor, Linda Peterson. The program requires a series of two tests and three observations. The test was to see how well-mannered the dog is, and how well the listen and respond to their owner. The observations are to see how the dog would do in an actual situation of them doing visits. For my project, we went to the Safe Haven health care facility and visited with the elderly. Once a team is officially registered into the program, they can visit schools, nursing homes, airports, libraries, any facility where dogs would be beneficial. Therapy dogs distract people from their current situation, relaxes people, and gives people confidence.” Congratulations Claire!