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Students Take to the Trails

Baker Lake Local hiking destinations offer more than beautiful views.  5th grade students from Hemingway Elementary hiked to Baker Lake as part of a study unit on weather.  Teacher Brad Stansberry wrote, “The Baker Lake trip is always one of the highlights of the year for both the students and the teachers. We do it as part of our science curriculum.”  We start the year with a "weathering" unit and Baker Lake is a great place to find examples of almost every kind of mechanical and physical weathering.  It is also a great place for the kids to see first hand examples of a cirque, a glacial lake, and so on.  The kids take about 2 hours to make the short 1 1/2 mile hike as they are spending their time examining the weathering and documenting it in their "Baker Lake Workbooks". They measure water temps at the bottom, middle and head of the steam, make hypothesis about the changes and so on.”  Teachers Sandy Scott, Sarah Mazzochi and Brad Stansberry were joined by several volunteer parents who learned alongside their children.  For more photos, click here.