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Saving the Earth, One Message at a Time

Hemingway Students Did you know that 85% of plastic bags produced globally are not recycled?  Students in Hemingway's 5th grade recycling club explained how to recycle plastic bags, glass, electronics, mixed paper, cardboard and plastic in public service announcements that aired on KECH 95.3 and START 107.5 recently.  Read more.

Students in Hemingway’s 5th grade recycling club worked with Andrea Walton, administrative specialist for Blaine County, and Chris Kinsel of Rich Broadcasting to make public service ads for KECH 95.3 and STAR 107.5. The students picked their subject, researched it using the local 5B Recycles website, and wrote the ads. They then recorded them in the tech room at Hemingway Elementary with the encouragement and guidance of Scott Slonim.  Listen and learn how to recycle and keep our beautiful community clean!