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Teachers and Principals Celebrate Education

Educator for a day Teachers and principals welcomed community members into their schools and classrooms for Educator for a Day.  Weekly Sun publisher Brennan Rego spoke to English classes, Hailey Fire Chief, Craig Aberbach observed Dual Immersion classes, and newly appointed Trustee Ellen Mandeville joined Blaine County Commissioner Jacob Greenberg in learning more about the work of principals. Pictured is retired pediatrician Dr. Gary Hoffman working with high school biology students. View more photos here.

Thank you to our community members who volunteered for Educator for a Day including: 
Victoria Yee
Steve Guthrie
Jane Conard
Ali Long
Susan Blair
Amber Larna
Paul Hartzell
Gary Hoffman
Jacob Greenberg
Ellen Mandeville
Polly Hopkins 
Heather Dawson
Eric Madsen
Jeff Bacon
Craig Aberbach
Marcia Grabow
Angie Martinez
Shannon Maza
Larry Plott
Marilyn Plott
Kandy Blackburn
Brennan Rego
Jeff Loosli