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Virtual Reality Take Students to New Places

Virtual Reality Take Students to New Places Virtual Reality not only takes students to new places, but allows them to see the perspective and scale of things in space. According to BCSD Technology Integration Specialist Paul Zimmerman, ¨It is now possible to see dinosaurs or visit a museum - the possibilities are limited by imagination only.¨ Zimmerman partnered with Wood River High School teacher Tim Rierden to test Google Expeditions as an affordable alternative to more expensive VR kits. ¨We need something durable, affordable and inexpensive,¨ stated Zimmerman. Recycled iPhone 5 and 5s's are being used with cardboard viewers, computers and projectors to take students back to the Civil Right era, and forward into the internal organs of the body. If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, or an Android 4.4 or newer, and would like to donate it for more VR kits for the classroom, please contact Paul Zimmerman.