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Gender Inclusion Procedures

Board of trustees In August the BCSD Board of Trustees passed a Gender Inclusion Policy. All students need a safe, supportive school environment to progress academically and developmentally. The purpose of this policy is to foster an educational environment in BCSD that is safe, supportive, and fully inclusive for all students. Now, the district is tasked with implementing the policy through procedures. The Gender Inclusion Procedures were developed by district staff, school staff, social workers and coaches and will be posted under Policies and Procedures by December 13.

Over the course of the next few months the district and schools will provide training and information for staff, students and parents on how to implement the procedures. Principals, secretaries, and social workers will receive training in December. Coaches, teachers, and other staff will receive training in January. Training for students, especially secondary students, will start in January and continue throughout the second semester as staff work with students in small groups to help them understand this policy and procedures. Principals will be reaching out to PTAs and other parent groups to offer training in February and beyond.

Stay tuned for more information.