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Happy Holidays from the Blaine County School District!

Happy Holidays from the Blaine County School District. Frosty was recorded in the new Silver Creek High School recording studio. To download the song click here. Have a wonderful holiday season and we will see you back at school on Tuesday, January 3rd.
Students and teachers included:
Silver Creek Sound Engineers
Mason Corkutt
Jacob Kane
Mentor: Jason Vontver
Willow B. Anderson
Madeline E. Austin
Madeline B. Biggers
Anne Marie Deffe
Natalya P. Doughty
Emma E. Flolo
Karsyn A. Gerringa
Chloe A. Henderson
Mackenzie W. Kluge
Annabelle Lewis
Heidi M. Mungall
Alaylia K. Norton
Emma C. Pulleiro
Olivia M. Stimac
Will F. Carney
Logan J. Verst
Brendan D. Bingham
Samuel N. Fauth  (Guitar solo)
Nathan D. Stouffer
Beck L. Vontver  (Piano solo)
Jorgen K. Lawrence
Lance Verst
Isaac M. Brannon
Joseph K. Anderson
Evan G. Hesselbacher
Tyson H. Mecham
Andrew Garrett
Benjamin S Romero

Plus the 
Harriman Quartet
Jorgen K. Lawrence 
Arika J. Gourley
Thalia J. Rojas
Lance Verst 

R.L. Rowsey
Max Stimac
Mike Glenn