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Sarah Feltman Theatre Student Sarah Feltman Finds Her Story

By Emilee Mae Struss for The Weekly Sun

Sarah Feltman, a junior at Silver Creek High School in Hailey, takes advantage of the alternative learning experience and pursues artistic passions, theatre and singing. She started theatre in eighth grade and is involved in a choir group called Enchante. She also participates in Girl Scout Troop 230 and carries a full course-load of classes at SCHS.

“I switched to Silver Creek last year,” Feltman said, “and I love it.”

Feltman started her theatre interests as part of the backstage crew and then moved to frontstage to perform. “The Audition,” a play she performed in last spring, is her favorite.

“We were all cast as characters we typically weren’t cast as,” Feltman said. “That was really cool, to see people in different casting parts.”

Feltman has a special passion for the character-to-actor relationship. She devotes herself to all aspects of the character. She studies the time period of the play and practices special quirks of her character.

“I really try to make every character my own,” Feltman said. “Sometimes, if there is room in the script, you can give the character some personality modifications.”

Feltman is inspired by a specific character-to-actor presence, which is displayed when the authenticity of the character naturally matches the person playing the part. Feltman describes this connection as “very powerful,” and is felt not only by the individual performing the part, but also by the audience.

“It’s an amazing experience,” Feltman said, “when you are able to tell part of your story through the character’s story.”

Feltman is currently working on writing, directing and casting her own play. She plans to write it this year, and then cast and direct it next year during her senior year.

“I’m excited to write the script and bring in characters that can make the story their own,” Feltman said. “And the story is shared by so many because, once it’s performed, it is also the audience’s story.”

Feltman hopes to attend a performing arts school. She also wants to learn more about backstage technological systems used during live theatre.

When Feltman isn’t taking private lessons, learning her character inside and out, and spending time with her Girl Scout troop, she is playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends and, on occasion, skiing.   

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