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Aubree Haynes Traducción al español

Aubree Haynes

Views makeup as a form of art

By Emilee Mae Struss for the Weekly Sun

Aubree Haynes is a senior at Wood River High School who has developed her love for art on more than just one type of canvas. Haynes has found her passion through makeup.

“I really want to be an esthetician,” Haynes said.

Next year, she plans to attend the Aveda School in Boise and make this dream a reality. Haynes likes to change her nails often with different colors and designs. She also really likes to work with neutral makeup tones.

“I think the natural look is better on everybody,” Haynes said.

The skill set she develops in Boise will not be lost to the Wood River Valley, Haynes predicts. Once she graduates from the Aveda School, she hopes to return to the Valley and continue her life in her hometown. Haynes has five siblings, all but one who lives in the Valley.

“This is the only place I’ve ever really been,” Haynes said. “And I really like the people and the vibe. It’s a positive place.”

Haynes works at the Blaine County Recreation District Kids Camp Hub year-round. She said she enjoys setting up activities for the kids outside in warmer weather and on occasion taking the kids swimming.

“I love kids, and there are so many different kinds of kids,” Haynes said. “It’s hilarious.”

In the summer, Haynes works more hours at the BCRD Kids Camp Hub and goes camping with her family. Right now she is enrolled in a variety of art classes, including ceramics and studio art, and speaks highly of her art teacher, Betty Irvine.

“She is a really inspiring person to me,” Haynes said.

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