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Google Visits Blaine County Schools

students looking through viewfinder May 13, 2019

Since 2016, students in Blaine County have learned about the world from the comfort of their classrooms through Google Expeditions.  Using recycled cell phones and an app, students can travel back in time, experience the Seven Wonders of the World, and even tour their own community thanks to a collaborative project with Google that enabled schools to create their own expeditions and then share them with students across the country.


Technology Integration Specialist Paul Zimmerman wrote, “For the past three years BCSD has been integrating virtual reality into the classroom. By using Google Expeditions teachers are able to enhance their curriculum in entirely new ways. Our success caught the attention of the Google Expeditions team who flew in from New York to spend a day talking to staff, experience two AR and VR sessions, and see our approach to innovative learning first hand.”

With Expeditions AR, teachers can bring 3D objects, like one of Michelangelo’s statues, on the students’ desks so that everyone can examine the object together at the same time. The 3D objects are accompanied by a short text/labels that only the teacher can view. The objects are designed as a supplement to a teacher’s existing lesson plan to help bring the subject to life!

For a full list of available expeditions as well as the objects within the expedition please visit Google Expedition AR Program: Available Tours.