• The dedicated employees of the Buildings and Grounds Department maintain the School District's facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of students, staff and visitors. 

    Friendly custodians at each campus keep the buildings clean and functional throughout the year.  The Department services the school lunch equipment so food is served on time.  School drives and walkways are plowed when snow falls. Playground equipment is carefully installed and maintained by a certified specialist.  Indoor and outdoor athletic facilities are kept in good shape for school and community events. 

    The Buildings and Grounds Department is proud of its small group of hard-working and skilled employees.  They do a very big and thorough job in maintaining the School District's extensive interior and exterior spaces all year round.


    Howard Royal - Director
    1630 Aviation Drive.
    Hailey, ID 83333

    (208) 578-5402


    fax (208)578-5112


    Clara Martin - Custodial Manager

    (208) 578-5404



    Amber Avila - Administrative Assistant

    (208) 578-5401


    fax (208)578-5112


    To Schedule Buildings and Fields:

    Teresa Gregory - Building Manager

    (208) 578-5460


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