Wood River Middle School Routes

  • Please use the following tips to help find busing information:

    1. Find the pickup location nearest your residence / daycare.       
    2. Click on the bus number to see detailed route information with the nearest stop and  approximate time on the route.
    3. If your student needs to transfer to a different school, check the neighborhood school table (below) for information on which bus will transfer your student from the neighborhood school to their school of attendance.
    4. PM Bus riders will not need to transfer.  Buses will transport your student from their school of attendance to a bus stop near their home or daycare as long as it is within the approved service area. 
    5. If you’re not sure, please contact our office at 578-5420 for help or additional information.
    6. Please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the given times. Times listed below are approximate.