• BCSD #61 School Transportation Zones

    The Transportation Department has a new way to help parents and guardians find  school transportation zones.

    Step 1: Please click on this link.

    Step 2: Click on“Find My School.”  There is no need to login.

    Step 3: Enter your child’s grade and your home address or child care address.

    Step 4: The website will display the school or schools that your student is eligible to attend.


    Please note:

    Alturas Elementary is a magnet school serving students residing in  Hailey and Bellevue.

    Ernest Hemingway STEAM School serves students residing north of and including Indian Creek for Pre-K through grades 5. Students in grades 6-8 living south of Indian Creek are also eligible to enroll and qualify for transportation.

    Silver Creek Alternative School has  additional eligibility requirements.


    The transportation zones have been set up from the following procedure.