Fifth Grade



    Ms. Duvall & Mr. Jacobs welcome you to Bellevue Elementary School and the wonderful world of 5th grade! 

    Now that your child’s a big cheese at elementary school, it’s easy to see how much he/she has grown mentally. It can be challenging to determine what a fifth grader can understand and what's beyond his comprehension. He may look like a preteen, but there's still some little kid just under the surface.

    Fifth grade marks an important transition as some students are beginning to experience puberty. Positive social development can help ease the stress of this confusing period. Your child should be able to:

    • adjust behaviors to resolve conflicts and help others resolve conflicts in a positive manner
    • appreciate the affect exercise and activity has on emotions and self-initiate positive actions when feeling down
    • informally assess peers and provide specific feedback in a positive manner that may lead to improvement
    • cooperate with peers even in competitive situations and understand the effort is usually more rewarding than the outcome

    Fifth grade is a time for students to gain a real appreciation and enjoyment of activity and fitness. Fifth graders understand how to develop their own goals and ways of recording progress, and they begin to feel the exhilaration of personal achievement, and the disappointment of frustrated goals. So, make sure to encourage your child whether they're a budding sports star or a couch potato. Helping your child stay positive about physical fitness during this important time will yield a big payoff in the years to come, as they grow healthy, happy, and fit - for life!

    We are looking forward to meeting you and visiting about this exciting year ahead.  This will be a challenging and maturing year for your child, culminating in a comfortable and smooth transition to one of our wonderful Middle Schools next year.  Our goal is to prepare  your child for the challenges that lie ahead.  Not only will we expect our students to do their part, but also as their support team, we are all dedicated to ensuring their goals are achieved. We are excited about this year and hope that you are too.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, or letter if you have any questions.  We will be visiting with you soon!


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