Principal's Corner

  • 8 August 2018

    Parent and Community Involvement

    Last year your Bellevue Elementary School Staff looked at what we need to improve as a school serving our community.  We explored all sorts of data and in the end one of the biggest components we needed to improve was our engagement with our parents, local community, and partners.  We also recognized that this is a two way relationship to guarantee success.

    Now, my wife, Amy, and I  have  three children ages eight, six, and two and a half going on ten, both work full time jobs and  want our children to be healthy, happy, and excited about learning.  We’re continually looking for ways we can support our children so they can become the best they can possibly be. But we know time is short, so how do we Engage ourselves as parents and community partners to support our children and the school?

    Throughout this year our Bellevue Bear teachers and support staff will be working on how to continue to Inspire our children and to truly Engage them in the learning process.  But Engagement isn’t just for them but we as parents also.  Parents, teachers, and community partners should be working hard to authentically engage our students.

    Research shows that students whose parents are engaged in their education are more likely to:

    1. Be at school.  You can’t be Engaged, Inspired, Educated, or Empowered if you aren’t there.
    2. Adapt well to school
    3. Complete homework more consistently
    4. Earn higher grades and test scores
    5. Graduate and go on to college
    6. Have better social skills
    7. Show improved behavior
    8. Have better relationships with their parents
    9. Have higher self-esteem
    10. Additionally, linking community activities to the classroom
    11. Improves school-related behaviors
    12. Positively impacts academic achievement
    13. Reduces school suspension rates

    The National Center for Education Statistics’ Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey for the 2007 National Household Education Surveys Program (Herrold and O’Donnell, 2008) gathered these statistics from parents:

    • 78 percent attended a parent-teacher conference;
    • 74 percent attended a class or school event;
    • 65 percent participated in school fundraising;
    • 86 percent said they had received information about the parents’ expected role at the student’s school;
    • 46 percent served as a volunteer on a school committee; and
    • 89 percent of those interviewed from January-May 2007 said they had attended at least one school or PTO/PTA meeting since the start of the school year.

    Engaging our students in their own education is a critical component in the success of our children.  Take some time to see what you can do to be part of that success!



    Mark Sauvageau, Principal

    Bellevue Elementary School

    (208) 578-5080 (ext 5081)