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  • Dear BES Families and Students,

    First, let me express my heartfelt thank you and respect for the families and students of Bellevue Elementary School.  It has continued to be a long, frustrating, and at times frightening journey to get children and staff back to school this fall and I applaud your resiliency!  We miss you all dearly and cannot wait to see you all here again very soon.  This start will be very different but I have faith and confidence that our team of teachers, paraprofessionals, custodial staff, and community partners are ready to make the best out of the year to come.  Our biggest goal is safety for everyone.  We cannot teach and learn unless we are healthy and safe!  Below is some basic information you can use to make informed decisions for your child and the learning options available next year.  


    School Reopening Information

    Option #1: Hybrid Approach 

    ‚· Thursday, 6 August, the Blaine County School District Board of Trustees voted to open schools on Tuesday, September 8, using a hybrid approach. Students will attend school both in-person and online.

    ‚· Students will attend school in-person classes two days per week and online three days per week on an alternating-day schedule. They will be divided into Group 1 (last names A-L) and Group 2 (last names M-Z).

    ‚· Group 1 will attend in person Mondays and Wednesdays. Group 2 will attend in person Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

    ‚· All students will learn online on Fridays, which will also be designated for online interventions and enrichment/tutoring.

    ‚· Students identified by case managers may attend four days per week.  

    · Students living in the same household will be placed in the same group. Families who have children with multiple last names will follow the schedule for the last name of the oldest child enrolled in BCSD.


    Option #2:  Online through IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy)

    · Parents will enroll their children in BES but will receive their instruction from an IDLA online teacher

    NOT a BES teacher.

    · Mr. Smith, our Instructional Technology teacher, will be the liaison for families choosing this option.

    ‚· Students enrolled in IDLA will have access to services such as IEP, 504, ELP, and health services. 

    However, students enrolled in IDLA will not have access to Specials classes such as Art, Music, PE,

    Engineering and Design, or Instructional Technology, or library. 

    ‚· IDLA Early Fall classes begin August 24 through December 18, 2020

    · Students must be enrolled in IDLA by August 20 for classes to go through orientation prior to

    starting classes. 

    · If you are considering this option, please contact us here at the school for help navigating this



    General School Safety

    ‚· Students and staff will be physically distanced as much as possible.

    ‚· Everyone will wear masks in all areas of the school.

    ‚· Hand washing will be reinforced throughout the day.

    ‚· Supplies will be on hand to ensure a clean and healthy learning environment in each classroom.

    Morning Routine:  We will be implementing new procedures for our parent drop-off at the front of the

    school to increase distancing and increase safety.  Please review the handout in the parent folders sent

    home the first week.  Students walking, riding bikes, parent drop-off, or riding buses will access the

    building through the front door.  They will then go directly to their assigned classroom unless they need

    to have breakfast.  PLEASE help us manage this by not dropping your child off before 7:45 am.  This

    will provide teachers and staff the opportunity to get set for the day.


    Federal Lunch Program 

    Our Federal Lunch Program will continue with breakfast and lunch.  Monetary support for the Federal

    Lunch Program is still available.  Lunches will also be available for days your students are not at

    school.  Frozen breakfasts and lunches, for students who qualify, will be available for the days your child

    is not in school.  Please go to our district food service webpage at for more information.



    · Lunchtime has been increased so grade levels do not overlap.  

    ‚· Only one grade level will be allowed into the lunchroom at a time.

    ‚· Adult staff will be on hand to support students while they eat.

    ‚· The microwave has been removed to decrease the likelihood of transmission through a

    communal source. So please make sure to send food with your child that is ready to eat.

    ‚· Only 4 students per lunch table to accommodate safe distancing

    ‚· Lunch count will be done online by the teacher.  Families can do this online from home using  

    ‚· Once done eating students will go directly outside for recess.



    ‚· Students will still be required to have a mask on while on the playground. 

    ‚· Recess times have been spread out so there is only one grade level at a time on the playground

    ‚· Teachers and para staff will be monitoring and providing additional opportunities for students to

    social distance while playing.



    ‚· Each classroom will have additional cleaning supplies for wiping down surfaces throughout the


    ‚· Classrooms will be sanitized every day after the school day.

    · Desks and chairs will be set up for social distancing 

    ‚· Plexiglas dividers will be provided to students and staff to ensure one on and one support can be

    provided safely.

    ‚· Teachers will have the availability of clear masks, cloth masks, and face shields for instruction. 



    ‚· Only a certain number of students will be allowed into the bathroom at once to ensure proper

    distancing while using the restrooms.

    ‚· Communal spaces such as these will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.



    ‚· Access into the school will be through the front door with the expectation of PK and Kindergarten

    classes who will enter the building at the end of the south hallway on the playground.  Parents

    will be able to drop their children at this location but will not be allowed into the classrooms.

    · Parents will not be allowed past the office unless given permission by the administrator.


    If you have not done so, please make sure to register your child for the upcoming year.  If you are still

    cautious about what option, you might choose please contact us here at the school.  Our hope is that we

    can answer any questions you may have and begin to get a rough idea of the number of students who

    will be with us physically or online.  This will help us ensure we can support all our families during this




    Mark Sauvageau


    Bellevue Elementary School

    Blaine County School District #61

     (208) 578-5080