Community Partnerships



    We Believe...


    At Bellevue Elementary School we believe in partnership as a means of helping students reach their full potential. Through partnerships, we develop relation- ships. We value our partnerships as essential and substantial in making continuous school improvement. In our words... partnerships always work for students!

    Partnership Defined...

    We define our partnerships as any person or group that positively contributes to the success of our students. They include parents, other relatives, elders, volunteers, older youth mentors, outside service agencies and programs, other educational institutions, and our business community. This also includes the provision of student service to our community.

    One of our school’s Collective Commitments specifies that, our parents and community actively participate in our students’ successes.

    As you can see, there are many ways to demonstrate partnership with parents, staff, and community:

    • Working collaboratively and cooperatively with interdependence in our school and district
    • Welcoming and embracing the partnerships
    • Volunteering service to the school and to students
    • Bridging schools with families through our PTA
    • Networking services between the school and other resources
    • Providing enriched learning opportunities within and outside of the school for staff and students
    • Offering educational opportunities to parents and families
    • Linking school and students with community, other education, the arts, and business
    • Providing learning opportunities for students that offer community service to help our neighborhood
    • Bridging learning with the real world
    • Collectively celebrating our successes as a neighborhood school family
    • Communicating between all stakeholders with transparency
    • Sharing of ideas, talents, and treasure to enrich our school and community
    • Acknowledging the importance of always being a good neighbor


    Becoming a Partner...

    If you are interested in finding out more about our community partnership program and how you can become involved with our school and students, please contact us for more information.

    Bellevue Elementary School

    305 N. 5th Street Bellevue, Idaho 83313

    (208) 578-5080

    Partnerships Always Work for Students