• Facility Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    How do I reserve BCSD facilities or fields for weekdays after school hours, weekends and days when school is not in session?

    The Building, Field and Theater Use Forms can be accessed from the BCSD website by clicking on Departments and then on Community Campus.  The form is an online document.  Once you have submitted the document the use will be approved as possible and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  If you cannot be approved the facilities scheduler will talk with you about other options for dates, times or facilities that are available.

    If I am an employee of or coach for the school district do I need to fill out a use form if I desire to use a field or facility after hours?

    Yes all users are asked to fill out these forms.  The only exception is when the athletic director assigns your regular practice time, your home games or matches.   If, due to a scheduling conflict, you need to move your practice or game to another BCSD location then a form must be submitted so that approval can be given and other scheduled users informed of this schedule change.

    What is the procedure if I need to reserve a field or facility during the regular school day?

    During the school day, BCSD has priority for use of all our fields, courts and facilities.  If you need to reserve a space in your own school building please check with you school secretary or building administrator.
    Occasionally a school or class wishes to reserve a field or facility that is not part of their school facility, during the school day.  For example the WRHS Performing Arts Theater for an advisory period presentation.  In these cases a facility use form is required but there is no fee for this kind of use.

    Why are the forms necessary?

    These forms are used to inform the school principals and staff, including custodial staff about your event, your specific needs for assistance from school district staff and provides your contact information to the staff and participants.  The form is used to upload your data to our district master calendar for after-hours use.  Finally it allows users to understand our terms and conditions as well as fees for use of BCSD facilities and fields.

    How do I reserve the use of the gym located in the Community Campus

    This gym is reserved through the Blaine County Recreation District.  Please call 208-578-2273 to speak with the gym manager.

    What are the categories used to establish the fees for use?

    Category I relates to all school and or district-sponsored events, school-sponsored athletic events, or school-sponsored activities

    Category II relates to all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and all governmental organizations located within Blaine County.  To qualify for this category the organization must provide paperwork certifying to their IRS or governmental status

    Category III covers all other users

    What type of insurance do you require for events scheduled at BCSD facilities and fields?

    All users in Categories II and III must fill out our indemnification form and provide a certificate of insurance before use.

    • A request for this information will be sent out to all Category II and III users once your event has been approved
    • The BCSD must have receipt of these items prior to your use beginning so it is important to schedule with enough time to allow for these forms to be received

    It is permissible for individuals or groups defined under Category III that cannot reasonably provide a certificate of insurance to submit only the signed indemnification form

    What is meant by additional custodial, maintenance or technical assistance and what is the fee for this?

    If events are taking place during the regular working hours of our custodians, maintenance and technical staff then they will assist users at no additional cost. Those groups anticipating that they will need assistance should include this in the facility use form they submit.

    • If assistance is needed outside of the normal work hours of the employee then there will be a fee of $35/hour to have their assistance provided.  This fee can be estimated ahead of time so that the user can budget for the expense.  
    • This fee applies to all user Categories; I, II, and III.

    If a staff person reports that they needed to work after the end of their regular working hours due to the length of an event or because additional cleaning needed to be done following the event then the user will be billed for the additional time on an hourly basis.  Users may also incur additional rental fees if the event does not end on time.

    Can fees or the need for insurance and indemnification be waived for BCSD staff, teachers or for any other individual or group when they use a facility after-hours, on weekends or during school breaks?

    No, any user, even a district employee, must pay fees for use of BCSD facilities and fields, pay additional custodial, maintenance or technical assistance and pay for any rental of BCSD equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.).

    All users, except for those covered by the Category I definition, must provide necessary paperwork including insurance and pay all applicable fees.

    • It is permissible for individuals or groups defined under Category III, which cannot reasonably provide a certificate of insurance, to submit only the signed indemnification form.

    What are the requirements to use the school district’s weight rooms or weights?

    Weight rooms at any school may only be used when they are supervised by an approved and trained weightlifting instructor, coach, or P.E. teacher employed by BCSD.  There is never to be individual or unsupervised use of weight rooms or free weights by students or adults.

    • This includes personal use by BCSD employees.

    To reserve the use of a weight room after hours (supervised by an approved and trained weightlifting instructor) please submit a facility use form and be prepared to provide a certificate of insurance and pay all applicable fees.

    In the case of weight room use a certificate of insurance is required.

    For BCSD student athletes doing weight training their sport coach or trained weightlifting coach must be on site and actively supervising them.