• Facilities Projects in Blaine County Schools

    In August 2022, voters in the Blaine County School District approved a Plant Facilities Levy, allowing the district to move forward with a number of key facility improvement projects. These projects will cover improving, maintaining, and repairing existing buildings, including roof repairs and replacements. They also include furnishing and equipping buildings, safety and security improvements, LED lighting, and updates to mechanical systems, appliances, technology, and heating, ventilation, and sanitation facilities.

    These much-needed projects will touch every single building in our district, while giving particular attention to schools with the most significant needs. Below you will find updates on the upgrades taking place throughout our school facilities.

  • The Hailey Irrigation Well has been drilled! The pump is installed. Connection to the existing irrigation system is under way. Power and controls are scheduled for this fall, ready for use in the spring irrigation season of 2024. The area will be fenced off in the spring.  


  • WRMS HVAC Phase 1:
    Boilers, cooling tower, pumps, and Energy Recovery Units have been replaced. New rooftop units have been set in place. Rooftop units will be activated in Phase 2 along with replacing existing heat pumps in every room. The SRO Office is planned for Phase 2 along with new LED lighting on the interior of the building.    
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    Here is some of the WRMS HVAC equipment prior to replacement:
    BCSD          BCSD    

  • The WRHS boiler project is complete! There are three new two million BTU, 95% efficient heat boilers, and a new domestic hot water boiler.

    BCSD     BCSD

  • The concrete edges, asphalt surface, four long/triple jump pits, two discus pits, and bleach pad have been completed! The weather did not cooperate after the asphalt was cured to install the rubber surface. The rubber surface, discus nets, and lane painting will occur in the spring of 2024 as weather permits.  

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  • The WRHS boiler project is well underway! Four heat boilers have been removed, a housekeeping pad was poured, and piping is underway for the new boilers. We are leaving the domestic hot water boiler in place for use during summer school, and then will do a quick swap-out to limit any periods of no hot water for the kitchen and restrooms.

  • We are also wrapping up fire alarm inspections! This has included the installation of radio communication for monitoring. There was an up-front cost for the radios, but we will now be able to disconnect the unreliable copper phone lines and save on the monthly fee for phone lines moving forward. Each building had at least two copper phone lines for the fire system, along with additional lines for buildings with intrusion alert systems. 

    The Hailey Elementary well project is also underway. Once complete, it will reduce long-term costs for the building by moving off city water to a local well for irrigation. Below is a picture of a well being drilled at Hailey:

    hailey elementary well project

  • Here are photos of the Carey Track reconstruction in progress.   



  • WRHS track resurface project has been completed.  




  • These are pictures of the WRHS track prior to resurfacing.