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    Kindergarten Teachers


    • Our language arts program creates an environment where children develop a love of reading and writing. We consider this one of our most important aspects.
    • Students experience a balanced literacy approach, which focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    • Phonics and whole language are integrated as the students study the alphabet.
    • The students are exposed to sight words throughout the year.
    • Writing strategies are modeled through guided writing and practice in kindergarten journals.
    • The program is an introduction to reach the objective that all students will recognize all letter names and sounds quickly as well as being able to apply them to their reading and writing.
    • Students are also introduced to the mechanics of writing, including letter formation, punctuation, word spacing and word families.


  • MATH

    • Students enjoy a hands-on approach in their development of mathematical concepts.
    • Kindergarteners are introduced to math manipulative they will be using throughout their elementary school years.
    • Units and concepts include developing number sense, time, money, basic geometry, patterns, graphing, comparisons, sorting, classifying, critical thinking, and basic addition and subtraction.
    • The calendar is taught and reviewed daily throughout the year, as well.
    • Students will focus on problem solving strategies using manipulative to master specific skills.
  • Science and Social Studies

    • These curriculums are taught through thematic units, integrating reading, writing and mathematical concepts.
    • Some of the units include: Me, My Friends, and Self Esteem, The Weather, Holidays, Plants and Animals, The Five Senses, Living and Dead Through Extinction, Community Helpers and Transportation.
  • Motor Skills

    • Many of the Kindergarten activities are focused around building the students fine motor skills as well as building on academic skills.
    • Research supports that development of fine motor skills in young children is directly linked to complex brain functions such as language skills. It is important to monitor these skills as they mature and build progress by playing games and activities that contribute directly to that area of development.
    • We encourage parents to practice building these skills with clay, cushy balls, tearing paper, pushing across the floor with hands and such activities that build the muscles in the child's hands and upper body.
  • Social and Learning Skills

    • Students learn to become good listeners and take turns talking.
    • Students learn to work together cooperatively.
    • Students learn to follow school rules.
    • Students learn to be responsible and respectful of others.
  • As well as working within the classroom, students participate in each of these special classes 50 minutes a week.

  • Art classes with Ms. Bean where students learn about primary colors and difference between warm and cool colors.

  • Instructional Technology with Mrs. Walker, where students begin to learn about the parts of a computer and how a computer works using the mouse and keyboard. Students play interactive educational games to learn mouse control and eventually learn to type using the keyboard. Students are introduced to digital citizenship and how to code. We will be doing critical learning plugged and unplugged activities throughout the school year.

  • Engineering and Design with Mr. Morales where students learn the principles of technology using K'Nex, Legos, Uberstix, robots and paper supplies.

  • Music Class with Mrs. Schwab where students learn to sing and play musical instruments.

  • Physical Education Class with Ms. Olsen where students learn to exercise and develop a number of gross motor skills including: throwing, catching, kicking and striking.

  • Library with Mrs. Baybutt where students learn to listen politely to stories and library skills which include finding and checking out books.

  • We teach Kindergarten for all the little reasons!
    We are proud to be Kindergarten teachers!
    Ms. Barsch, Mrs. Barrett-Neet, Mrs. Kolb


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