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    Kindergarten Team 

    Our Team:
    Mrs. Kolb, Mrs. Newton (Cossins)

  • English Language Arts

    • Recognize capital and lower case letters
    • Understand letter and sound relationships
    • Identify more than 48 letter names per minute & 36 letter sounds per minute
    • Understand print concepts:  know what a word is, know that print goes left to right and top to bottom, explain the terms author, illustrator, illustration,  cover, title page
    • Participate in shared reading (big books, morning messages, etc.)
    • Participate in guided reading (small books with repetitive text)
    • Recognize and produce rhyming words
    • Learn forty sight words
    • Learn to spell sight words, CVC words and CVCe words
    • Help teacher write words and sentences by supplying letter sounds
    • Using letter/sound relationships to attempt to write words and sentences independently
    • Learning the proper formation of letters
    • Writing first and last name
    • Use letter sounds knowledge to stretch words and write with best guessing
  • Math

    • Count to 100
    • Count back from 20
    • Count on from a number within a known  sequence 
    • Recognize numerals to 20
    • Participate in calendar work: recognize and extend patterns, know days of the week, months, seasons
    • Count by tens to 100, begin counting by 5s
    • Copy, recognize and create patterns
    • Sort, classify, count and label groups of objects
    • Write numerals 1-20
    • Add and subtract within 10 using objects or a picture/model
    • Solve simple story problems using objects, pictures or models
    • Count with 1 to 1 correspondence to 30
    • Understand and use the terms more than, less than, equal
    • Recognize shapes
  • Science 

    • We follow the Next Generation Science Standards.
      • The three units are:
        • Trees and Weather
        • Animals Two  by Two
        • Materials and Motion
  • Fine Motor Skills

    • Write comfortably with a pencils, crayons and markers in lines and spaces
    • Cut with scissors comfortably
    • Control a crayon and marker
    • Buttoning and zipping coats
    • Manipulate a backpack
    • Tie shoes
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    We are a PBIS School (Positve Behavior Interventions and Supports)

    • We are safe
    • We are kind
    • We are responsible

    We follow the Sanford Harmony Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Empathy and Critical Thinking
    • Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Peer Relationships

    Click here for more information on PBIS schools.


  • Learning and Behavior Expectations

    • Listen and participate during group time
    • Stay on task during independent, small group and whole group activities
    • Work cooperatively in a group of 2 or 3, taking turns and sharing materials
    • Follow directions and classroom rules
    • Recognize and read social cues or follow actions of others
    • Express/identify feelings
    • Create lasting friendships
    • Know personal information: parents' names & other family members, phone number, address, birthday, first & last name
    • Be a good sport and play fair during class and on the playground
  • As well as working within the classroom, students participate in each of these special classes 50 minutes a week.

  • Art classes with Mrs. Schumacher were students learn about primary colors and difference between warm and cool colors.

  • Instructional Technology with Mrs. Walker, where students begin to learn about the parts of a computer and how a computer works using the mouse and keyboard. Students play interactive educational games to learn mouse control and eventually learn to type using the keyboard. Students are introduced to digital citizenship and how to code. We will be doing critical learning plugged and unplugged activities throughout the school year.

  • Engineering and Design with Ms. Grist where students learn the principles of technology using K'Nex, Legos, Uberstix, robots and paper supplies.

  • Music Class where students learn to sing and play musical instruments.

  • Physical Education Class with Mr. Nelson where students learn to exercise and develop a number of gross motor skills including: throwing, catching, kicking and striking.

  • Library with Mrs. Anderson where students learn to listen politely to stories and library skills which include finding and checking out books.

    Parents are always welcome in our program. Opportunities for parent participation are arranged to accommodate parent's schedules with respect for cultural and family differences.


  • We teach Kindergarten for all the little reasons!
    We are proud to be Kindergarten teachers!
    Mrs. Kolb, Mrs. Newton (Cossins)


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