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    My name is Tod Gunter and I have been a school social worker in Blaine County since 2000. I'm excited to be a part of the Comet family now at Hailey Elementary!  I love living in the Wood River valley for all the opportunities it provides and my hope is to help provide some of those opportunities for our children. As a school social worker, my role is to be a bridge between your home,  the school, as well as the community.   To learn more about my position, please feel free to call me directly or check out the district's social worker website here.

    I hope that I can be of service to you and your family!


    Mr. Gunter

    Tod Gunter, MSW
    (208) 578-5073
    District Social Worker Website


Things We Do

  • Here at Hailey Elementary School we have a resource library. Parents may check out resources, including books and videos. Please contact Teri McKenna or Jeanette Mcllhenny if you are interested.

    Some of our job roles here at Hailey Elementary are:

    1. Teaching-Social/Emotional skills– teaching class lessons on subjects:        
      • Bullying
      • Problem Solving
      • Empathy
      • Social Thinking (Social Skills) 
      • Anger and Stress Management
      • Personal Safety
      • Sexual Harassment
    1. Counseling-Individual and Group Supportive Counseling for Students:   
      • Social Thinking (Social Skills & Behavior Management)
      • Divorce
      • Grief and Loss
      • Student / Teacher conflict
      • Individual issues
      • Friendship Issues
    1. Helping Families:
      • Referrals for scholarships to participate in sport/activities
      • Accessing Scholarships for Counseling
      • Helping with concerns for students' social/emotional/academic well-being 
      • Advocating for parents and families
      • Linking families to resources and community help
      • Linking families with seasonal help
    1. 504 Coordinator:  Managing accommodation plans for students with a qualifying medical issues or diagnosis. 
    2. Homelessness Liaison:  Identifying and serving the needs of families qualifying as homeless.  
    3. Multi-disciplinary team member:  Serving as a Multi-disciplinary team member for the RTI (Response To Intervention) process to ensure social/emotional/behavioral/academic success for students. 
    4. Crisis Response:  Providing Intervention in response to crisis situations.


    ** To learn more about the role of School Social Workers, visit the District Web Site: Social Work

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