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  • Here at Hailey Elementary School we have a resource library. Parents may check out resources, including books and videos. Please contact Tod Gunter if you are interested.

    Some of our job roles here at Hailey Elementary are:

    1. Teaching-Social/Emotional skills– teaching class lessons on subjects:        
      • Bullying
      • Problem Solving
      • Empathy
      • Social Thinking (Social Skills) 
      • Anger and Stress Management
      • Personal Safety
      • Sexual Harassment
    1. Counseling-Individual and Group Supportive Counseling for Students:   
      • Social Thinking (Social Skills & Behavior Management)
      • Divorce
      • Grief and Loss
      • Student / Teacher conflict
      • Individual issues
      • Friendship Issues
    1. Helping Families:
      • Referrals for scholarships to participate in sport/activities
      • Accessing Scholarships for Counseling
      • Helping with concerns for students' social/emotional/academic well-being 
      • Advocating for parents and families
      • Linking families to resources and community help
      • Linking families with seasonal help
    1. 504 Coordinator:  Managing accommodation plans for students with a qualifying medical issues or diagnosis. 
    2. Homelessness Liaison:  Identifying and serving the needs of families qualifying as homeless.  
    3. Multi-disciplinary team member:  Serving as a Multi-disciplinary team member for the RTI (Response To Intervention) process to ensure social/emotional/behavioral/academic success for students. 
    4. Crisis Response:  Providing Intervention in response to crisis situations.


    ** To learn more about the role of School Social Workers, visit the District Web Site: Social Work

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