• The Blaine County School District has been deeply engaged in mapping curriculum and developing common assessments in alignment with the Idaho Math Standards. The K - 12 curriculum provides a structure for mathematics through vertically aligned key principles. Mathematics actively engages students in building new knowledge from prior knowledge and real world experiences.  Authentic tasks are designed to inspire students to be curious and make sense of math. A hands-on approach to math develops lifelong problem solving skills with applications beyond the classroom.  This takes place in cooperative and independent learning environments where students develop mathematical practices.  Students understand the importance of mathematical thinking as they use math in everyday experiences. Thinking conceptually and critically during mathematics instruction develops the WHY within the study of mathematics.

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  • Parents are invited to reference the curriculum documents below to learn more about what students are learning at each level. There are also some links to some free resources to practice math skills and processes within resources below. The district is piloting math materials that support this curriculum as we work with students to meet the shared outcomes. Parents may see a variety of materials sent home in classrooms where teachers are piloting. The materials will align with the content and skills that students are learning within each of our district's math units.Learning Standards

    Idaho Mathematics Content Standards