World Languages

  • The BCSD adopted new materials for our World Languages courses in the spring of 2013. The Idaho Content and National Standards for World/Foreign Languages guided the committee's selection of quality materials that would best help students meet these standards.

    Our district values the learning of languages as a part of the educational experience of all our students.  The district encourages students to develop a second language by completing at least five years of study in a second language beginning in sixth grade. We offer courses so that juniors and seniors can increase their proficiency in the second language and/or become multi-lingual.

    To further support language learning, the district offers students a Dual Immersion (Spanish-English) experience beginning in Kindergarten. Families interested in a bilingual learning experience may apply for a lottery that enrolls students at our magnet school, Alturas Elementary  in the southern part of the valley, or at Hemingway Elementary School where one strand of Dual Immersion (Spanish-English) exists for north valley students.