Extended Resource Room


    Blaine County School District offers a continuum of placement options for students receiving special education services.

    The Extended Resource Room is a more specialized placement than the regular Resource Room and offers instruction in pre-academics, academics, pre-vocational, vocational and self management for students requiring a higher level of support.

    Placement into the Extended Resource Program is an IEP team decision and is based on specific student needs.   The IEP team carefully considers the placement that can meet those needs most effectively. The Extended Resource Room placement is a decision that is considered yearly by the IEP team. The decision is made after a thorough review of the IEP components which may include present levels of performance, goals/objectives, accommodations, modifications, supplementary aids and services, functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans.

    Some common features of the Extended Resource Room Program include:

    • Higher level of staff support
    • Strong emphasis on the application of functional academic instruction in basic skill areas of reading, writing, math and spelling, and life/social skills
    • Focus on vocational skill development, independent living skills, and self-advocacy as the student enters the middle and high school level

    For more information, please contact the Director of Special Programs at 578-5000.