Dual Immersion Lottery

  • A lottery is held each spring for entry into Kindergarten Dual Immersion classes. Parents interested in enrolling their child in the Dual Immersion Program must participate in the lottery system.

    The Dual Immersion lottery for 2019-2020 school year will be on Wednesday, April 24th. 

    Blaine County School District Dual Immersion Program Lottery Process: 

    • Only students who have completed registration and indicated a desire to be included in the lottery by completing the lottery form will be included in the lottery.
    • Students who enroll after the lottery date, will be considered for Dual Immersion placement if space allows during their Kindergarten year.
    • There are 20 spaces per Dual Immersion Kindergarten class. 
    • During the lottery, spaces are filled to maintain a balance of native Spanish/English speakers. 

    Lottery Phases: 

    1. Priority spaces are filled in the following order:
      • Siblings of current DI students are selected by lottery until they reach up to 50% of total enrollment
        • The remaining siblings are entered into the regular lottery
      • Students of current DI teaching staff and certified support staff working within a DI school 
    2. Regular lottery: 
      • Alturas Elementary School
        • Remaining siblings and students with completed registration and a lottery request
      • Ernest Hemingway STEAM School 
        • Remaining siblings and students living in Hemingway's attendance zone
        • Thereafter, remaining  students with completed registration and a lottery request


    • One student name is drawn at a time and placed in a space for each program by native language.  The goal is to obtain a 50% balance of each language
    • Ernest Hemingway STEAM School will also consider gender commensurate to the same percentage male/female as the regular classrooms
      • For example:  100 students register, 65% are female and 35% are male, will result in same percentage split for the DI classroom
    • Twins are listed on one slip of paper and if selected, both siblings are placed into the program
    • Once spaces are filled for a program, names are drawn for the waitlist in the same manner as above
    • Students on the waitlist are given the option to enroll in the other district's DI program if space is available
      • For example: Hemingway program fills with a waitlist and spaces are open at Alturas, those on the waitlist are given the option to enroll at Alturas
    • The waitlist is maintained until the last day of Kindergarten
    • New students registering after Kindergarten can be placed in the DI program if space allows, as determined by building principal. Additional assessments or information may be requested.

    Interested in learning more about the Dual Immersion Program? Contact the schools directly.

    • Alturas Elementary, A School of Dual Language Learning (Magnet school), 208/578-5090
    • Ernest Hemingway STEAM School (one DI class/cohort per grade), 208/578-5050

    If you would like additional information on our Dual Immersion Program or the Lottery, please contact:
    Angie Martinez, Director of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at 208-578-5017.