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  • Welcome to Art! Our mission is to explore the wonders of art, to help people discover and express their creativity, artistry, and talent in a fun, imaginative, and considerate way.

    ¡Bienvenidos!  Nuesta misión es explorar la maravillas del arte, ayudar a la gente descrubir y expresar su creatividad, arte y talento en una manera divertida y considerada. 

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  • Teaching For Artistic Behavior

    In the Haikley Comet Art Studio students are learning to become artists.  I believe that every child is an artist and the classroom is their studio.  During the year we focus on the Studio Habits of Mind.  Students learn what artists do through looking at art, talking about art, and creating art.  Through Skill Builders students learn how to use and take care of materials and explore how they can use them in their own art.  I use the TAB teaching philosophy, a type of choice-based art education that focuses on the students and their interests, and their ideas.  Students are the artists and materials are made available to them to use on their projects.  Materials are introduced one by one.  These art centers: drawing, construction, fiber arts, painting, collage, and clay are open once they have been taught.  Students are encouraged to explore and use all the centers throughout the year.  

    Each day the students come into the studio and are given a short demonstration, read an art-related book, or look at art.   I am trying to create a studio in which every student takes ownership of their own learning.  This means that some of the displays you will see as well as the art that your child brings home, will begin to have a more child-centered look to them.  Students will be creating and practicing at their level.  They will be making choices and overcoming obstacles as an artist.  Artwork will sometimes be skill-builders in which they will make a project that is assigned.  This is especially true for the lower elementary students.   Please remember that they are exploring tools and seeing how they might use them in their artwork.  The artwork might look like it is at the scribble stage and this is ok for a while.  The depth of the work will increase over time.  

    How can you support your child's creativity?

    When your child brings home artwork, you can help your child to think and reflect on the process and meaning behind the work.  You could ask:

    • What was your idea?  What did you envision?
    • What did you want your artwork to show or express?
    • What was hard about this for you?
    • What did you like best about the process?

    Art takes time and practice.   Ar home you can support your child's development by giving them tools to explore and use.  They can build creations out of recycled materials, develop their drawing skills, collage old mail and magazines.  Remember every child is an artist it just takes time and practice.  Thank you for your support.


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