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Robotics Gives Students Reasons to Succeed

Left to right: Kevin Lupton, Jeremy Silvis, Kristy Turco, Victor Morales May 13, 2019

How does robotics impacts our students?  Find out what one parent had to say here:

These teachers (Kevin Lupton, Jeremy Silvis, Krista Jones, and Victor Morales) have created an outstanding robotics program in our district which continues to grow and strengthen every year.  They have given much of their personal time and effort as they have collaborated and developed a program which inspires children in a very unique way. Because of their influence, my children are choosing high-level math, science, and computer classes; they are seeking academic knowledge to support them in their endeavors.  Robotics has given them a "relevant why."

This year alone, BCSD will be sending three middle school teams and one high school team to the VEX World Competition in Louisville, KY. In addition, the list of awards and accomplishments our robotics teams have received in the 2018-2019 school year while competing across the state is extensive.

I cannot think of another extracurricular activity that would better prepare my children to become productive and successful members of society.  They are learning to collaborate, innovate, persevere, interview, keep data, set and reflect upon goals, cope with conflict, build, design, program, problem solve, plan and create strategies for success.  I am incredibly grateful to these teachers, for the vision and powerful experiences that they have gifted to my children.

Submitted by: Melanie Blacker, BCSD Parent

Pictured: Kevin Lupton, WRHS Technology Education Teacher, Jeremy Silvis, WRMS Technology Education Teacher, Krista Jones Bellevue Elementary Technology Education Teacher, and Victor Morales, Hailey Elementary Technology Education Teacher