Speech & Language

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    Caitlin Ferry, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Bellevue Elementary & Alturas Elementary

    Phone:  (208) 578-5080  ext. 2747

    Email:  cferry@blaineschools.org


    A Speech-Language Pathologist works to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication, and cognitive-communication disorders in students.  These disorders can include but are not limited to the following:

    • the inability to produce certain speech sounds, or cannot make them clearly
    • speech rhythm and fluency problems, such as stuttering
    • voice quality problems, such as inappropriate pitch or harsh voice
    • problems understanding and producing language
    • social communication delays, such as following rules for conversation and understanding nonliterate and/or ambiguous language
    • cognitive communication impairments, such as attention, memory, and problem-solving disorders


    If you have questions and/or concerns about your student's speech & language development, please do not hesitate to reach out either by phone, email or in person.