Second Grade


    Welcome to second grade at Bellevue Elementary.  As second grade teachers we work closely together to provide a safe and complete education for your child.  We believe that home and school teamwork is important to every student's success. We look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year. 


    In second grade, students are learning reading skills to help them become independent, life-long readers.  These skills are taught in a variety of learning styles and classroom settings.  We use the Wonders reading program, as well as a others to meet the needs of individual learners.  They provide a variety of phonemic awareness activities, phonics instruction, spelling, fluency, and comprehension skills.   


    Our math goal in second grade is to build confidence and help children learn a variety of strategies for now and in the future.  We primarily use the Investigations math program.  Second grade math strongly focuses on number sense, reasoning, and problem solving to help strengthen the students’ mathematical understanding through questioning and reasoning.  The students are asked to solve math problems in a way that makes sense to them and then explain their thinking using their own words.  They learn math concepts through the use of manipulatives, games, exploration, and written work.  It is important for your child to practice math facts to 18 in addition and subtraction at home.  We have observed that students who are confident and fluent with their math facts learn new concepts more readily. 

    Social Studies, Science, and Health

    We integrate language arts and math in the areas of  social studies, science, and health.  In social studies, we focus on several concepts throughout the year including presidents, Veteran’s Day, mapping, citizenship, and economics.  Foss science kits help support our science curriculum as we learn about weather, plants, animals, liquids, solids, and gases through hands-on experiences.  Second graders learn three health topics including Babies….and How you Grew, Drugs are Dangerous, and The Wide World of Food through the Great Body Shop program. 

    We always look forward to working with you and your child.  Together, we will have a successful year!


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