Second Grade

  • Limitations live only in our minds.

    But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

    ~Jamie Paloinetti~


    2nd Grade Team  

    Our Team:
    Mrs. Crist                 Ms. Barsch

    Students enter your Wonders reading program by clicking below. Mcgraw-Hill

    Second Grade students are moving right along developing their skills in both math and reading.

  • Reading

    The focus of our reading instruction will continue to be developing fluency. Our winter goal for each student is to be able to read around 77 words correct per minute with a grade level book (2.0-2.5). Students reading rate can improve by reading aloud nightly for at least 20 minutes. Rereading a book aloud up to three times can also improve reading rate over time. Please provide opportunities for your child to share a short summary of what they are reading with you after they finish their book. The summary should include the story's main idea, main characters, and events from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Your child will make the most growth if they are reading a book aloud that is on their level. Your child should know their reading zone, if not, contact their teacher. Hailey Elementary Library has an online card catalog that can be accessed. Parents can check the reading level of the books that are on your bookshelves at home or just the books your child brings home each week.

  • Math

    Our message all year will be to help your child MASTER math facts to 18 in both addition and subtraction. They should be able to whiz through a simple addition/subtraction page without the added use of manipulatives or a number line by the end of the year. We know that students who are fluent with their math facts will continue to make strong progress in math over time. Those students who still struggle with basic facts will find math difficult. Nightly practice at home with flash cards, games, apps or other practice in both addition and subtraction really helps.

  • Thank you for your continued support.

    The Second Grade Teachers

    If you have any questions about anything related to your child, please feel free to call or email any of us. We are dedicated to being positive partners in your child's academic life.


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