Special Education

  • “If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”
    ~O. Ivar Lovaas~


    Amy Sauvageau  Mrs. Marenda  Sara Polk

                                                                  Mrs. Sauvageau           Mrs. Marenda        Mrs. Polk       

    Special education requires an individual plan of education for each student. Hailey Elementary School has three special education teachers, a speech language pathologist (Caitlin Head), and an occupational therapist (Susan Cooper).

    Kari Minas is the case manager for students in kindergarten and first grade. Natalie Marenda is the case manager for students in second and third grade. Sarah Polk is the case manager for students in fourth and fifth grade. If you have questions about your child's individualize education plan (IEP) please contact the appropriate case manager. 



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