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Phone: (208) 578-5070 Ext. 2755


Degrees and Certifications:

BS: San Diego State University, Health Science MA: University of Phoenix, Elementary Education

Ms. Munk


I have been teaching at Hailey Elementary for 14 years.  I spent a year in 5th grade, a year in Kindergarten, and 12 years in Third Grade. This year I will be teaching 4th grade!  I have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor's in Public Health Education.  I strive to inspire children through exploration, discovery, and dreaming. I  have an interactive and sometimes noisy classroom!!!  Each child has his or her unique personality and capability. I try to bring out the best in each and 'stretch their brain' each and every day.

I am an avid outdoors person and love hiking and biking throughout the area.  In 2015, I completed the 215-mile John Muir Trail in the Sierras  of California. Climbing Mount Whitney was the culmination of the hike with an overlook of 14,500 feet. This adventure was a life-changing experience and I hope to bring the love and respect of nature, the outdoors, activity, and of oneself into the classroom. In 2017, I also hiked the Salkantay Trail in Peru to its final destination, Machu Picchu. I spent time in Tanzania working with children in an orphanage, getting to know them and their culture and their education.  As of today, most of these children have moved on to higher education around the world. 

Now in 4th grade, I am looking forward to pushing my kiddos to the next level while completely enjoying each other and the world around us.