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  • What is Dual Immersion?

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    Dual Immersion, or two-way immersion, is an educational structure that pairs students with different native languages to engage in learning in both languages. Together, they achieve bi-literacy, academic achievement and bilingualism in each language.  In an elementary dual immersion program, such as ours in Blaine County, students receive part of their instruction in Spanish and part of their instruction in English. Classrooms consist of both native Spanish and native English speakers. All attempts are made during the lottery process to balance classrooms with native language speakers.


    Blaine County School Disrict offers students a K-12 dual immersion learning experience. Students begin in one of two elementary schools that offer dual immersion and then continue dual immersion through middle and high school. Please see our Program page for more detailed information about the BCSD dual immersion program.  


    Benefits of a Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program


    • Offers equal access to education
    • Raises self-esteem for all children
    • Better prepares students to meet the challenges of a global society: academically, linguistically and socially
    • Promotes increased cognition, such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Supports academic achievement
    • Provides the added value of being functionally literate in two languages
    • Develops an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures
    • Increases parent and community involvement



    Goals for Blaine County School District Dual Immersion Program


    • High levels of proficiency and literacy in students' first language
    • High levels of proficiency and literacy in their second language
    • High academic achievement at each grade level in both languages
    • Positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors

    Spanish Language Progression and Proficiency Targets