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New WRMS School Equipment Breaks The Mold

students playing volleyball By Jonah Pettinger, Eva Hatzenbuehler, Jocelyn Guzman and Trace Alley,

7th Grade Leadership Students

“It was boring because the balls were not inflated and weren’t bouncy” - Oscar Scherer
“It was bad. It was bottom of the line equipment.” - Sully Carter

These were just a couple of accounts from Wood River Middle school students about last years recess equipment. Most students said the equipment was old, worn out and just terrible.

But last year, the Leadership students raised money and took a survey. 393 students responded by saying that they wanted new sports equipment. So the Wood River Middle School Leadership teacher, Melanie Schrader, purchased new sports equipment for the 2019-2020 school year. Now students are starting to say things like: “The new equipment is a lot better because it’s new and there are more options” (Slade Fisher) and “It’s fantastic because it’s all new and the basketballs aren’t flat” (Trace Alley). Basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, kickballs, 4 square balls, and footballs were all replaced with new equipment. The Leadership class also saved up money for more fun equipment such as ping-pong tables, volleyball nets soccer goals, whiffle ball sets, badminton sets and even more. It’s obvious that the students of Wood River Middle School are a lot happier with the new equipment and are looking forward to the great school year.