• Latest News/Updates:  Practice will be everyday after school through 3:30 pm - 5 pm.  Meet in the multi-purpose room. 


    Track meet at O'leary rescheduled for Monday April 24th.


    O'leary Meet has been rescheduled for Monday, April 17th.  

    4/13/23 Update

    Thank you for your patience today with the Meet Cancellation.  The wind chill was below freezing in Twin Falls and the decision to reschedule was made by the host school.   You should have received both an email and a text from me.  Please take a look at your profile on big teams and complete any missing contact information. 
    You can also refer to the Track page on the WRMS website for updates. 

    4/12/23 Update

    We have our 2nd track meet tomorrow at O'leary Middle School. Bus departure time is 2 pm, and the team will be released from class at 1:45 pm to check out. Returning/Arrival time varies on when the meet ends, plan on around 9 pm. We will remind the students to call or text in Shoshone and Timmerman so you have an idea of actual arrival time. The bus will stop in Bellevue at the Oasis gas station as a courtesy stop. This is a 2 min. stop and no student athlete will be allowed off the bus unless a parent is there waiting. We don't wait for late rides. If you miss us in Bellevue you will need to pickup at WRMS. Please send snacks, and pack a dinner for your child. A stop for food is not guaranteed. Also, have them dress appropriately for the weather. I would always send warm clothes, especially for the ride home as the bus can be cold.

    Our Home meet on April 20th has been moved to Minico HighSchool this season. It starts at 4:30 pm.

    April 28th is our District Championships and starts at 9 am. The bus will be at WRMS at 6 am. Please send food for the whole day. There are often concessions but I am not aware of what will be available. Thank you for sending your kids out for track this year! They are Awesome!


    Head Coach: Iliah Pfau -  

    Assistants: Mandy Crow, Andrew Crist, and Teagan Anderson

    Grades 6-8 





    Parent(s)/guardian(s) wanting someone other than themselves(s) to give their student athlete a ride to or from a BCSD sponsored event must complete the activity transportation form.

    Dual Enrollment Information then scroll down to the heading Dual Enrollment

    Activity transportation request form

    Students must have a current sports physical (good for 2 years from the date administered) on file and proof of medical insurance to be eligible to play sports.