• Wrestling Head Coach: Jeff Einerson  -  einersonjeff@gmail.com
    Assistant Coach: Kevin Baker - kbaker@blaineschools.org


    Updated 12/5/23
    The WRMS wrestling team will compete in two duals at Jerome Middle School (520 10th Avenue W) on Wednesday December 6 beginning at 4:30 PM.
    Wrestlers need to be at WRMS in the north parking lot by 2:15 PM. If a wrestler is to be picked up on the way south, please let me know where.

    Students must have turned all registration paperwork  to be eligible to play sports.

    If a student athlete does not attend WRMS, they must have completed the dual enrollment process before they are allowed to participate. 

    • Make an appointment with our Registrar to complete this process.
    • Regular full-time WRMS students will be given priority (see Board policy 630).


    Academic eligibility

    Student athletes are required to maintain a "C-" or above in all of their classes. Grade checks will be conducted weekly.



    If you are interested in volunteering



    Parent(s) / guardian(s) wanting someone other than themselves to give their student athlete a ride to or from a BCSD sponsored event must complete the activity transportation form. 





     To print a schedule, click on the agenda view on the calendar below.