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WRMS 6th Graders Take the Classroom Outside

ROES Students studying our environment Wood River Middle School 6th graders converged on the Cathedral Pines Campground September 23 - 27 during the Annual ROES (Residential Outdoor Environmental School) Camp. This overnight stay for all sixth graders is a great kick-off for students’ Middle School experience. Not only do they get together as the class of 2026 for the first time, they also share scientific field studies in edible plants, survival, animal studies, water quality studies, and environmental impact and sustainability discussions.
Approximately 190 students completed several investigations over four days. All investigations are experiential and focus on the environment. During the two days at Cathedral Pines, students tested water quality by testing pH, dissolved oxygen, and nitrates. They dissected owl pellets, classified animals by comparing skulls and made pledges to help our environment by conserving resources. A local Fish and Game officer gave a presentation and students were able to see and learn about antlered animals common to our area.

ROES has been an important part of WRMS curriculum for over 41 years because it gets students excited and lays a foundation for a lifelong interest in Science. It is also important because it is the first time that students from Bellevue, Alturas, Hailey, and Hemingway Elementary schools come together. The camp serves as a unique bonding experience for both students and teachers.