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Students pledging "I have a story" Pablo Cartaya inspires and empowers WRMS students by sharing a resounding message that applies to everyone “I Have a Story.”

WRMS would like to publicly thank the Sun Valley Writers Conference and Community Library for bringing a middle-grade author to our community. Pablo Cartava inspired, engaged and empowered WRMS students with his humor, storytelling and encouraging message. But you don’t have to believe us, the students themselves told Pablo how much his message meant to them.

Thank you for coming to our school. I love how you incorporated humor to your already perfect book talk. I was truly inspired by your story. Your dad sounds very brave. I promise to read one of your books. I love what you said that we have our own story. I can’t wait to live mine. You are such an amazing person! Thank You!!                          
- Ava Lavigne

Thank you for coming to W.R.M.S. I loved your presentation, humor, and stories. You were really touching, and I will never forget the moment you came. You really inspired me because I have a story.                                                                    
– Yahir Gonzalez

Thank you for coming to our school and taking the time to tell us all of those awesome stories and how you told us we all have a story and no matter what we have gone through we can all be amazing and successful people.
Again, thank you lots,
-Iris Heidey

Thank you for sharing your amazing acting skills, sense of humor and your Cuban stories.  I learned that everyone should be proud of their story and it makes me happy to know that even if you’ve had a hard past, you can still become something amazing.
–Celeste Quispe

Thank you for coming to the WRMS to tell us about your “Story.” I love you humor, your character, your acting and all the truthful quotes and sayings you told us. You have taught me to never give up; that it’s ok to talk about your own secrets and stories; and that if you work up to it, you can do anything. Thanks again for coming to our school to tell us about you and your life.
- Hannah McLaren