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Attendance and Academic Success: Are they related?

Students working New studies confirm that even short-term absences negatively impact student achievement.

Fourth and Eighth graders across the country take the National Assessment of Education Progress NAEP test as mandated by the federal government. Data from the NAEP test show that students who are absent even 1-2 days and 3 or more days score lower than students with perfect attendance in the month before the test. Students with no absences scored an average of 246 on the test and students with 1-2 absences in the preceding month scored an average of 241. Sadly, students with 3 or more absences had average scores that dipped down to 235.

When students are ill, parents should always consider keeping them home as they will recover more quickly if they rest. Please consider; however, that we provide ample vacation time for families during the school year and parents can assist us by planning vacations during our multiple vacation periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break) set aside in the calendar.