Literacy Programs

  • Most children who have difficulty learning to read benefit greatly from intensive small group tutoring, or one-on-one instruction.  A key to the success of such programs is extensive teacher instruction that focuses on the specific learning experiences children need and how to provide specific interventions.  Reading specialists at Bellevue Elementary incorporate "manageable" books that students can read without too much difficulty.  As always, parents are encouraged to visit lessons and support student achievement by listening to their children read at home.  Some examples of supplemental programs used at Bellevue Elementary School are listed below.

    Literacy Groups

    Skills and strategies build on a student's strengths and scaffold to extend to new learning.  The reading specialist continually evaluates student progress in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies.   Instruction is multi-sensory and specifically designed to enhance students' reading and writing performance.  

    Interventions are designed to provide additional reading support to the regular classroom program. Students exit the program when test scores, classroom teacher evaluations and further reading assessments from the reading specialist indicate a student is reading close to grade level.  Ongoing communication among the classroom teacher, parents, and reading specialist is essential for continued reading progress.

    Read Naturally and Read Live


    Read Naturally is a supplemental reading intervention designed to improve reading fluency.  Students who read fluently read smoothly and easily, without pausing to figure out words and are able to focus on comprehension!

    When working with this computerized program, your child selects interesting, non-fiction passages at reading levels best suited for his/her development.  After making a prediction about the selected story, the student listens, then practices the passage several times to improve their reading rate.  Vocabulary is taught and comprehension questions are asked before the final timing. 

    Reading specialists interact directly with students while utilizing this highly motivating program.  Information is  sent home Naturally in the computer lab.


    Lindamood Bell


    Reading specialists at Bellevue Elementary are trained and teach Lindamood Bell Learning Processes.  It is designed as an intensive intervention for students who have difficulty with basic reading/decoding skills or reading comprehension.  Components of the Lindamood Bell learning program are:

                •  "Seeing Stars" - a symbol imagery programs for phonemic awareness, sight words and spelling
                • "Visualizing and Verbalizing" - a program used to improve language comprehension and thinking


    Computer Assisted Learning Programs


    Accelerated Reader is known to be a very successful reading tool. AR’s advanced technology helps:

                • Make reading practice effective
                • Personalize reading practice to each student’s current level
                • Assess students’ with four types of quizzes: reading practice, vocabulary practice, literacy skills and textbook quizzes.