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    Location of Wood River Middle School
    900 2nd Avenue North
    Hailey, Idaho 83333
    (208) 578-5030

     School Colors: Green, Black, and White

    Mascot: Wolverine

    Athletic Director: Eli Stein -

    Conference Affiliation: Magic Valley Athletic Conference (MVAC) for all sports but baseball (Twin Falls League) and softball (Twin Falls League)

    Conference Members:
    Wood River Middle School - Hailey, ID
    O'Leary Middle School - Twin Falls, ID
    Robert Stuart Middle School - Twin Falls, ID
    South Hills Middle School - Twin Falls, ID
    Burley Junior High School - Burley, ID
    Jerome Middle School - Jerome, ID
    East Minico Middle School - Rupert, ID
    West Minico Middle School - Paul, ID

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     For all paperwork that is needed click here:Athletic Forms






    ImPACT testing is recommended by physicians for all student-athletes. For more information please click the link from St. Luke's. Similar to sport physicals, ImPACT tests are good for two years from the date it was administered. St. Luke's Concussion Info
    This is not a mandatory test but is highly recommended for all student-athletes.

    Dual Enrollment - Dual Enrollment procedures for non-Blaine County School District students participating in WRMS athletics.

    Make an appointment with Rocio Olivas-Johnson  via email: and have these documents at the ready:

    WRMS Student-Athlete Academic Standards for Practice and Participation:

    Athletic Grade checks:

    On THURSDAY of each week, administration will run a grade report for all students who are taking part in athletics. The Athletic Director and coaches will be notified about student-athletes earning a D or an F in any class on TUESDAY. The first time students will be placed on probation for the duration of the season. The second time a student receives a D or F, they will not be eligible to participate in the next competition and will be unable to participate until their grades have improved to C-'s or above in all of their classes. Some students may require special consideration or individualized arrangements, and the Athletic Director may take these considerations into account when making the final determination about an individual student’s eligibility.

    WRMS Athletic Academic Eligibility Due notice

    WRMS Athletic Academic Eligibility Probation Letter


    Online team and individual picture information - To pre-pay online go to

    • choose pre-pay online
    • enter your online code: SPORTS
    • bring your receipt on picture day


    Protocol for outdoor games and practices under poor air quality

    Yellow- (5-10 miles; 51-100 AQI) proceed watch any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Orange- (3-5 miles; 101-150 AQI) proceed and monitor, in particular, any of above athletes.  Be overly sensitive that OTHER athletes may have breathing issues.
    Red- (1.5-3 miles; 151-200 AQI) cancel

    Yellow- (5-10 miles; 51-100 AQI) proceed watch any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Orange- (3-5 miles; 101-150 AQI) limit to moderate conditioning (no failure) and be mindful of any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Red- (1.5-3 miles; 151-200 AQI) walkthrough only (may jog between or through drills to maintain pace with rests)/no conditioning/ no running


    Air Quality

     State air quality guidelines for outdoor activities

    BCSD Volunteer Application Form.pdf


    Parent(s)/guardian(s) wanting someone other than themselve(s) to give their student athlete a ride to or from a BCSD sponsored event must complete the activity transportation form.

    Activity transportation request form