District administration, Board counsel, Trustees, staff, or the public may submit proposed policy changes to the Board by submitting a Policy Change Application to the Board clerk. For the policy change to be considered by the Board, the Board Chair or any two Trustees will add it to the information agenda of an upcoming Board meeting. If the Board supports consideration of the proposed policy change, the proposal will be added to the action agenda of an upcoming Board meeting for a vote. If appropriate, the Board will ask the Policy Committee to assess how implementation of the proposed policy change would impact daily practice across the District and community. Recommendations provided by the Policy Committee may result in revisions to the final policy considered by the Board.


     The Policy Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair and 7-8 committee members:

     ● HR Director or Board designee

    ● One elementary school administrator

    ● One secondary school administrator

    ● Two to three certified professional employee representatives, including the Blaine County Education Association (BCEA) President (or designee), representing elementary and secondary certified staff

    ● Up to two members of the public


    For more information about the Policy Committee, please review BCSD Policy 220 - Advisory Committees.

    To request a change in BCSD policy, please download and complete the Formulation and Revision of Policy form and submit to the Board Clerk at Clerk@blaineschools.org.