The Wellness Committee shall serve as an advisory committee, providing guidance to the Board regarding student health issues and possible revisions, improvements, monitoring, and implementation of the Wellness Policy. The Wellness Committee will meet at least one (1) time per year.

    The Superintendent or designee will be responsible for the formation of the Wellness Committee. The committee membership will represent all school levels (elementary and secondary schools) and include (to the extent possible), but not be limited to: school administrators (e.g. superintendent, principals, vice-principals); school board member/liaison; physical education teachers; health education teachers; school health professionals (e.g. health education teachers, school health services staff including nurses, psychiatrists, social workers); food service employees and other representatives of the school nutrition program (e.g. school nutrition director); students; parents and caregivers; health professionals; and community members.

    The Superintendent or designee(s) will convene the wellness committee and facilitate development of and updates to the wellness policy, and will ensure each school’s compliance with the policy.

    All meeting dates and times will be posted on the school district’s website and meeting minutes will be available to the public. This committee will report to the Board by February 1st of each school year of any suggestions or changes.

    The Food Service Director will provide an annual report (at the end of each school year) to the Superintendent and School Board members on the District's progress toward meeting these goals and on any further recommendations of the Wellness Committee.

    For more information about the Wellness Committee please see BCSD Policy 569 - Student Wellness