Calendar Committee Meeting: Tuesday, March 31, 5:00 p.m. Notice and Agenda (with Webex login)

    The Calendar Committee was tasked by the Board of Trustees to draft calendars for the 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22 school years.

    These calendars must include the Board of Trustee's guiding principles established at the December 12, 2017 School Board Meeting:

    1) Maximize student learning by providing significant stretches of uninterrupted weeks for teaching and learning.

    2)  Maximize student attendance to support student learning.

    3) Propose a calendar that provides support for the Board’s priority of closing the achievement gap.

    4) Propose a calendar that supports student participation in a wide range of school related activities including competitions, extracurricular programs,
        dual credit opportunities, etc.

    5) Ensure the calendar meets with Idaho Statutes, including 33-1009 and 33-512.

    6) Recognize the importance of professional development for staff. 7) The calendar will be done on a 3-year cycle (2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22).

    The Board of Trustees approved the Calendar Committee's Option 1 Calendar during the Regular December 11, 2018 School Board Meeting.

    The approved Blaine County School District School Calendars can be previewed below. 

    2019-20 School Year

    2020-21 School Year

    2021-22 School Year


    The Board agrees to use a Calendar Committee to establish the school calendar.

    Committee members shall be determined by the Board and shall include at least one Blaine County Education Association (BCEA) approved certified professional employee representative (not to exclude a non-BCEA member) from each of the school buildings, the BCEA President or designee, the Superintendent or designee, a patron from each school district zone selected by that zone's Board member, and two building level administrators (one (1) elementary and one (1)
    secondary) selected by the Superintendent. This Committee will be chaired by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    As with all district-wide committees, representatives shall solicit feedback from their constituents. The final Calendar Committee recommendation is to be submitted to the Board for adoption. Should the Board of Trustees choose to modify the recommendations of the Calendar Committee, a single public comment period of no less than 15 calendar days will be opened to allow all stakeholders to comment on the final calendar design.

    For more information about the Calendar Committee please see BCSD Policy 220 - Advisory Committees.


Calendar Committee Meetings - 2018