The purpose of the Calendar Committee is to develop and thoroughly vet two or three District calendars (possibly for multiple years) and submit them to the Board for consideration. Major calendar shifts should only be considered with proper vetting and process. The following shall be taken into account by all committee members before presenting the calendar to the Board for consideration:

    1. Schedules that prioritize equity and student achievement.

    2. Schedules that maximize student attendance (i.e., minimize partial weeks and half days)

    3. Fiscal limitations.

    4. Dividing the school year into equal grading periods.

    5. Incorporating feedback from all major stakeholder groups, including staff, students, parents, community partners and other community members.

    6. Scheduling professional development days to enhance impact.

    7. Leaving the Board sufficient time to consider the calendar and stakeholder input before a vote.



     The Calendar Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair and 11 committee members:

    ● Assistant Superintendent or Board designee

    ● HR Director or Board designee

    ● One elementary school administrator

    ● One secondary school administrator

    ● Three certified professional employee representatives, including the Blaine County Education Association (BCEA) President (or designee), representing elementary, middle and high school certified staff. 

    ● Four members of the community (with parents representing elementary, middle and high school, if possible)


    Stakeholder Input

     After initially presenting the calendar in a Board meeting, the Board shall allow a single public comment period of no less than 30 calendar days to allow all stakeholders to comment on the proposed calendar design.

     When considering changes to an existing calendar, the Board shall allow an amount of time for stakeholders to comment that is commensurate with the impact of the proposed change.


    For more information about the Calendar Committee please see BCSD Policy 220 - Advisory Committees.

    All meetings of the Calendar Committee are open to the public.