Superintendent's Commitment to Students

  • October 22, 2016
    I have been informed that Ms. Barker is no longer a member of the Coalition BCSD. Below is my letter that corrects this misstatement.
    Dear Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members,
    I am writing to you today to share with you my continued focus and commitment to ensuring that every child in Blaine County is inspired, engaged, educated and empowered. The headlines in the papers regarding the division on the Board of Trustees, the continued lawsuits, and the accusations are far removed from the day to day success of students that I see in the classrooms during my weekly visits. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our teachers, support staff, administrators and parents for keeping the focus on our students. This is also where my focus remains.
    Friday (October 21) you may have read an article about an accusation from Diane Barker. The accusation stems from my monthly meetings with individual Board of Trustees, which is the practice of all Superintendents across the nation. Individual meetings between the Superintendent and Trustees are opportunities to gather information and no decisions are made. The Board of Trustees is the only group with the authority to make Board decisions as a governing body, not the Superintendent. As the County Prosecutor wrote in his memo to Ms. Barker, according to his findings there was no violation of open meeting law.
    Every day I observe students who are inspired and engaged with their learning by teachers who are dedicated to their well-being. It is my hope that we can continue to focus on helping all children fulfill their greatest potential. This will only happen if we work together. I am dedicated to the success of all of your children and in turn to the community we share.
    With gratitude,
    GwenCarol Holmes  
    GwenCarol Holmes, Ed.D.