• The BCSD Board of Trustees and Partners Invite the Community to Public Events with Author Jamie Vollmer


    "The Blaine County School District Board of Trustees is working to build a strong partnership with the entire Blaine County community so that together we can meet the obligation to prepare our children for the daunting challenges of the present and the future.  Please join us for a conversation with Jamie Vollmer, a widely read and highly regarded author, businessman and lawyer whose message provides an outstanding opportunity for educators and the communities they serve to build trust and respect for each other and work together to provide a quality education for every one of our students.  Mr. Vollmer, a former harsh critic of public schools, is both enlightening and entertaining and everyone who attends will come away with fresh ideas about building a school system we can all trust and be proud of."  R. Keith Roark, Chair, Blaine County School District Board of Trustees

    Free and Open to the Public

    Wednesday, March 4

    8:00 a.m., Ernest Hemingway STEAM School, Ketchum

    12:15 p.m., St. Luke’s Center for Community Health at St. Luke's Clinic, Hailey

    6:00 p.m., The Community Library, Ketchum

    Thursday, March 5

    8:00 a.m., Breakfast with The Chamber, Minnie Moore Room, BCSD Community Campus, Hailey

    4:00 p.m., Wood River High School Performing Arts Theater, BCSD Community Campus, Hailey

    6:00 p.m., With SV Music Festival Music Institute and Nosotros United students, Jhony’s Restaurant, Hailey 

    Spanish interpretation provided at all events.

    No entity impacts more people in Blaine County than Blaine County School District.  Our public schools shape our community's current well-being and our future resilience - and we all have a stake in that.” Jenny Emery Davidson, Executive Director, The Community Library

    Education is a fundamental social determinant of health.  We know that by partnering with our schools, and strengthening the education resources available to all children in our community, we are giving them a much stronger chance of being healthy and resilient." Erin Pfaeffle, Director, St. Luke's Center for Health

    Thanks to Community Partners for co-hosting events:

    The Chamber Hailey

    Hunger Coalition

    St. Luke’s Center for Community Health

    Wood River Community YMCA

    Sun Valley Music Festival Music Institute

    The Community Library 

    Project Tool Success

    Jhony’s Restaurant

    Blaine County Education Association 

    Nosotros United

    NAMI Wood River Valley


    The Great Conversation is hosted by Jamie Vollmer. Once a harsh critic, this former businessman and attorney has become an award-winning champion of Americas public schools.

    Your schools,said Vollmer"are teaching more students, in more subjects, to higher levels than ever before. Its a remarkable achievement and they should be praised every day. Over the last thirty years, however, I’ve watched with rising alarm as the challenge our teachers face has changed. For decades, the mandate was relatively straightforward: Teach my children.’ Now, it’s become, ‘RAISE MY KIDS!’ Public schools are being asked to educate the most diverse, distracted, demanding generation of students the world has ever seen. These people need all the support they can get."

    Clear, compelling, sometimes funny, The Great Conversation™ video series makes the case that, "in the knowledge age,’ everyone has a vested interest in increasing student achievement - we all have skin in this game - whether or not we have children in school."