Two seats on the Blaine County School District Board of Trustees will be up for election in November 2021.

    The seats include Zone 2 (currently filled by Gretchen Gorham) and Zone 4 (currently filled by Dan Turner). Candidates must reside in that zone to declare their candidacy and for the duration of their term on the Board.

    Zone 2 includes areas east of Highway 75, north of Muldoon Canyon Rd and south/east of Quigley and Fox Acres Roads (includes Woodside Subdivision; excludes Deerfield, Bellevue City). It also includes areas north of Highway 20 and west of Highway 75 (excluding Bellevue City), Bend of the River Ranch, west of the Big Wood River to Colorado Gulch Rd. and south of Colorado Mulch Rd/Croy Creek Rd/Camp Creek Rd.

    Zone 4 includes east of Big Wood River, north of Deer Creek Rd.; north of West Meadow Drive to Buttercup, west of Buttercup to Highway 75, west of Highway 75 to Ketchum, west of Trail Creek to rejoin Highway 75 near Big Wood Golf course and north to County Line.

    All candidates must file a declaration of candidacy and petition for candidacy. Once the forms are completed the candidates must have the Blaine Country Elections Office verify the signatures on their petition prior (if possible) to delivering it to the Board Clerk Vicki Pitcairn at 118 W. Bullion Street, Hailey, ID 83333 no later than September 3, 2021. 

    Click here to access the documents for candidacy. If you have any questions please contact the Board Clerk at clerk@blaineschools.org or 208-578-5003.

    Once the documents are filed, the Board Clerk will certify the candidates to the County Services Manager no later than September 10. 

    BCSD residents will vote to fill these two positions on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. 


    Duties of the Trustees of Blaine County School District


    The powers and duties of the Trustees of Blaine County School District are set forth throughout Title 33 of the Idaho Code and policies of the Idaho State Department of Education and are summarized in terms of nine broad functions.

    1. To establish the educational policies of the school district;
    2. To determine the personnel policies of the school system;
    3. To select and employ a well-qualified superintendent of schools to manage the system;
    4. To employ the necessary personnel upon the recommendation of the superintendent of schools;
    5. To establish the educational and administrative structure of the school system, external and internal;
    6. To provide and maintain the physical plant and equipment;
    7. To assume and carry out the responsibility for the raising, spending, and accounting for the funds to support the school system;
    8. To evaluate the accomplishments of the system;
    9. To plan for the continued effectiveness and further improvement of the school system.


    Budget Guiding Principles 

    2021-22 Board of Trustees Budget Guiding Principles

     Community Survey Results - December 2019

    English Language Survey:
    Charts and Comments      
    Charts only      

    Spanish Language Survey:
    Charts only



    For more information on School Board Trustee elections:

    Read the Guide for School Board Candidates or contact Board Clerk Vicki Pitcairn at clerk@blaineschools.org for more information. 


Board Meetings



    All public comments can be viewed here

Committee Meetings

  • Calendar Committee

    Open to the Public

    Thursday, November 4, 2021

    4:00 P.M.

    Community Campus - Bullion Room

    1050 Fox Acre Rd, Hailey, Idaho

    Agenda to be posted closer to meeting

    Meeting Dates

    November 16, 2021

    November 29, 2021

    4:00 pm Bullion Room Community Campus


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