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     School Colors: Green, Black, and White

    Mascot: Wolverine

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    Athletics give students opportunities for learning that cannot be duplicated in a regular classroom. Not only is it fun to play a sport, an athletic team instills a sense of pride and being part of something. Participation in athletics has also been shown to improve grades, increase test scores, promote attendance in school, and develop higher self-confidence. 



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    WRMS student-athlete academic standards:


    Daily attendance:


    Students must attend school for at least three periods of the day to participate in athletic practices, competitions, or other after-school activities. 



    Athletic Grade checks:


    We believe that our student athletes are students first. 


    Note: Policy change effective on Monday, October 11, 2021. 


    On THURSDAY of each week, the Athletic Director will run a grade check of current athletes. Coaches will be notified about student-athletes earning a grade below a C- in any class on FRIDAY.


    The first time a student's grade falls below a C-, they will be placed on probation for the duration of the season.


    The second time a student receives a grade that is lower than a C-, they will not be eligible to participate in the next competition, and they will be unable to participate in competition until their grades have improved to C-'s or above in all of their classes.


    Some students may require special consideration or individualized arrangements, and the Athletic Director may take these considerations into account when making the final determination about an individual student’s eligibility.



    If you are interested in volunteering


    Please fill out the BCSD Volunteer Application Form.pdf 


    Note: After September 14, 2021, volunteers are required to show either proof of vaccination or a medical exemption when they come to complete fingerprints and background check applications.



    ImPACT testing

    ImPACT testing is recommended by physicians for all student-athletes.  Similar to sport physicals, ImPACT tests are good for two years from the date it was administered. 

    For more information please click the link from St. Luke's Concussion Info.
    This is not a mandatory test but is highly recommended for all student-athletes.



    Team photos

    Online team and individual picture information 

    To pre-pay for your team photos online, go to

    • choose pre-pay online

    • enter your online code: SPORTS

    • bring your receipt on picture day



    Poor air quality protocol


    Occassionally in the fall, we encounter days with smoke in the air due to wildfires. This is our protocol for determining whether it is safe to practice outdoors.  

    Yellow- (5-10 miles; 51-100 AQI) proceed watch any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Orange- (3-5 miles; 101-150 AQI) proceed and monitor, in particular, any of above athletes.  Be overly sensitive that OTHER athletes may have breathing issues.
    Red- (1.5-3 miles; 151-200 AQI) cancel

    Yellow- (5-10 miles; 51-100 AQI) proceed watch any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Orange- (3-5 miles; 101-150 AQI) limit to moderate conditioning (no failure) and be mindful of any sensitive populations/asthmatics/other pre-existing conditions
    Red- (1.5-3 miles; 151-200 AQI) walkthrough only (may jog between or through drills to maintain pace with rests)/no conditioning/ no running


    Air Quality

                  Blaine Co. School District air quality guidelines for outdoor activities