What programs are offered?

  • Wood River High School Counseling Programs

    • Social Educational Groups
    • Peer Support Groups
    • Short Term Individual Counseling
    • Scheduled College, Military and Career Representative Visits
    • Parent Consultation
    • Management of 504 Accommodation Plans
    • Connection to Community Resources


  • Students may see the counselor/social worker for individual or small group counseling to assist with a variety of concerns and problems including:

    • Academic struggles Wood River High School Counseling Services
    • Post-secondary college and career planning
    • Drug and alcohol assessments
    • Freshman and college transitions
    • Social and emotional issues
    • Crisis intervention
    • Transripts, grades, letters of enrollment (see Registrar).







    How does a student see a counselor or the social worker?

    • Student asks for HelpWRHS Counseling
    • Parent Referral
    • Request of the Counselor or Social Worker
    • Administrative Referral
    • Teacher or Staff Referral
    • Referral by Friend(s)
    • Counselors and Social Workers see students by appointments through email, scheduling a meeting through the Registrar or dropping in and leaving their name on the counselor board.


    How do parents see a counselor or social worker?

    Parents are free to call or email the Counseling Office. Counselors and the Social Worker will help to arrange parent-teacher conferences, small group or individual counseling as well as outside referrals for intervention.