• WRHS College and Career Advising Department


    It's summer break! 

    We will be on summer break starting June 3 until August 22. We are committed to checking our emails weekly, so please send any inquiries to us via email and we’ll  do our best to respond within a week.

    2022 GRADUATES

    Your high school transcripts have been sent! These were sent on 6/9/22. 

    • Need to change where to send your transcript? Do so HERE.
    • Need a dual credit transcript? Learn how HERE.
    • All other inquiries, email your college counselor. 


    For the college-bound student, in a dream world, you will return to school this Fall with the following items completed.

    Items 1-2 are the best places to begin. Items 3-5 are contingent on the college list, so these may be optional for some students. 

    1. College List - entered in Scoir and then refined
    2. EFC Calculator - completed and compared to your AFC (actual family contribution)
    3. Activity Log - thorough and entered in Scoir with descriptive and concise details 
    4. Brag Sheets - at least one completed for a teacher and one completed for the counselor
    5. College Essay* - a brainstorm, an outline, and/or a draft



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